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Disney and Pokemon... Can't get any more awesome than that! And I love how they paired The Cheshire Cat with Gengar, they would be good together. Lol

Cartoon character's pokemon.

Disney Characters Illustrated As Pokémon Trainers! Even though I am not into Pokemon (not even Pokemon Go) I still find this animation cute and funny.

Disney Princesses And Their Moms by foreverbeginstoday on DeviantArt

Disney Princesses And Their Moms. Can I just have the mothers' outfits please? And the princess dresses?

Pearl, Bubble, and Gem Tutorial by ~SKTAF on deviantART [I think this is how to create these digitally using a paint program?]

Pearl, Bubble, and Gem Tutorial by ~SKTAF on deviantART. Lovely little tutorial. Because pearls, bubbles, and gemstones are always awesome.

This really shouldn't be as funny as it is.. BUT Grumpy Cat replaces Disney characters. Yessss!!!!

Picdump 06.09.2013

✧ #characterconcepts ✧ KRISTEN CAMPBELL INTERVIEW: Kristen Campbell Gallery via PinCG.com

Sharks-- I know they aren't reptiles. But I don't want a whole bored with one picture or sharks.

by : joe bluhm http://joebluhm.blogspot.com.ar/ http://www.joebluhm.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/joebluhm

I like the sketchy look of this illustration. I feel like hand-rendered illustrations similar to this could work well in a children's book.