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5 Successful Ways to Stand Out Among Your Competitors

If you are a business owner then you must be well aware of how difficult it is to start a business and how difficult is to manage it and keep it going.

Beautiful Cardinal

Beautiful Cardinal

I like some of this questions. :)


Pinner said, "the BEST biblical questions for a marriage I have ever read. they cannot be answered without your spouse disclosing what he is thinking & what he wants. we're doing one every night after dinner.

strong families

9 Essential Principles for Developing a Strong Family

As dads, we need to be on a mission to develop strong children. Here are 9 Essential Principles for Developing a Strong Family.

Here are 5 activities good fathers, aka All Pro Dads, should stop doing. They do not apply to all, but are common and should be addressed.

5 Activities Good Fathers Should Stop Doing

Some of the ways we behaved when we were children didn't have the ramifications they do now. All Pro Dad shares 5 things a good father doesn't do.

A male cardinal and a chickadee sit side by side on a birch tree in Mark Daehlin's Feathered Friends I

Preparing our reactions before they happen is the practice of a master parent.

3 Angry Dad Scenarios That Hurt Your Children

A dad's story: why getting angry won't make your kids better behaved - Parent Exchange

These pieces of advice can be worked on individually, however, for the most bang for your buck, incorporate them simultaneously and your dating life will absolutely improve.

With parents in mind, WebCurfew blocks  access to wi-fi devices from kids

With Parents in Mind, WebCurfew Blocks Wi-Fi From Router to Kids’ Devices

With parents in mind, WebCurfew blocks access to wi-fi devices from kids

Great marriages are built on honest struggle rather than trite shortcuts. Read more about the difficult things men need to understand about marriage.

Difficult Things Men Need to Understand about Marriage

There are many difficult things and relationship problems about marriage that men need to understand. All Pro Dad shares 6 of those things.

9 Habits That Happy Couples Avoid At All Costs http://www.prevention.com/mind-body/habits-happy-couples-avoid

9 Habits That Happy Couples Avoid At All Costs

Should You Dump a Cheater? GREAT article to convince yourself why someone who has disrespected your relationship should STAY OUT of your life. I wish I knew this 2 years ago & kicked his sorry ass to the curb

We’ve all heard the common phrase: Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. So how can we create successful marriages between two opposite people? Well, it’s all about recognizing and understanding the needs of women versus the needs of men. So on today’s podcast, we’ll be talking with keynote speaker and best-selling author Rick Johnson about the needs of women versus the needs of men based on his most recent book, Romancing Your Better Half.

#91: Needs of Women Vs Needs of Men (Podcast

Strengthen your marriage by discovering the difference between the needs of women and the needs of men.

Study after study shows when people have stable and thriving families, they’re much more creative, energetic, and dependable at work. You’ll be amazed at the change in your company culture if you incorporate just a few family friendly guidelines. When employees know you care about them, they’ll work hard for you, be ethical, and be loyal.

10 Ways to Balance Work and Family Life

Balancing work life and family life can seem nearly impossible at times. Here are ten ways to find a healthy balance and, hopefully, increased happiness.

35 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Girlfriends! Absolutely love this..

Sunday morning Clothing Battle

35 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Girlfriends! So glad I have incredible girlfriends to celebrate life with. Love them all so much and look forward to watching my daughter enjoy the same beautiful treasure of friendship.