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By Cecilia Levy - I don't know about anyone else, (@Jade Leth but I see an Owl and a Pussycat :)

Masha Kirikova is one of my favourite artists. Her work is absolutely exquisite! This is a bookstore from the town she grew up in.

Jade.Full.3 - Shown in my hand the final piece to thank Yilan Yeh for her translation of the Seal Script in the Jade Tablet Book from the British Museum. On Arches paper, lettering done with a Brause .5mm nib and Chinese Sumi Ink, Seal Script done in pure gold leaf. - Ruth Venner

Road in Tahiti, 1891 - Paul Gauguin. In 1891, Gauguin sailed to French Polynesia to escape European civilization and "everything that is artificial and conventional". His time away, particularly in Tahiti and Hiva Oa Island, was the subject of much interest in France due to his supposed sexual exploits.