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Some of Life's Best Lessons are Learned at the Worst Times. -Optimism and the silver lining

So true...

hahaha thought this was funny the times that I have to do the laundry which isn't much at all I restart the dryer more times then I can count LOL

Miss you dad xx . I believe that no matter how horrific of a time you might be going through, one thing we can know for sure is that during those times is when we truly find ourselves. All of my discoveries about myself and life has come to me during the most chaotic of times.

A year ago, I would've never pictured my life the way it is now.so true! And now I see my life is so much better now than a year ago!

"This is so important to think about for those battling cancer, as well as for those finished with treatment who are left with the aftermath of cancer, treatment, surgeries, etc. YOU CHOOSE whether to view your life as a glass half full or half empty. A positive attitude will always make the journey easier." ~Skye

It's okay to feel sorry and sad for the things you've lost in your life, but it is always best to be thankful for all that you have now.

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Cultivate happiness and be kind to YOURSELF<3

You are the only person who can make yourself TRULY happy! Happiness starts with YOU! Once you allow yourself to be happy, then others will make you happy as well!

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“Don’t do something permanently stupid just because you’re temporarily upset” On the list of “things I need to tattoo on my face backwards, so I see them every time I look in the mirror” and this may have to go on a t-shirt, as well.

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Ayn Rand Quote With Motivational Wallpaper: The Question isn't who is going to let me

Discipline is facing the choice between what you (think you) want now and what you (know you) want most—and pursuing the latter! “Successful people have the habit of doing the things unsuccessful people don’t like to do. They don’t like doing them either, necessarily, but their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.” –Albert E. Gray

Discipline is the one thing necessary to Achieve any Goal worth having. it always starts first within the persons action on Achieving Discipline also, and to make your Goal a Necessary one too :-) :-)

don't come to me ONLY when you need a FAVOR

Don’t talk to me because you’re bored. I’m not here to entertain you. And don’t come to me only when you need a favor. I don’t like being used – Quotes Lover

Always try to be jolly natured like me lol :) Try very hard not to allow certain people's evilness to take away your daily joy!! People love to derive pleasure in your sorrow! AINTNOBODYGOTTIMEFORTHAT!!!!♡

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