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The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters -"Atmospheric is not a strong enough descriptor for Waters’s The Paying Guests. The disruptive effects of losing a generation of men in World War I seem to ooze from the pages of this beautifully written and closely observed novel. Alone in a house that is now both too big and too expensive for them, Francis and her mother must take in lodgers– euphemistically called paying guests – an action that will change their lives more than they expected. "
The WItch's Daughter - An enthralling tale of modern witch Bess Hawksmith, also sounds very good!
My favorite modern murder mysteries, crime dramas, and psychological thrillers!
If you’re looking for a good book this Summer… This infographic caters for every genre!
Hugette Clark daughter of copper magnate William Clark becomes a recluse living alone in the family's 121-room mansion in New York, later choosing to live the last 20 years of her life secluded in a local hospital.
If you're a YA reader looking into adult books or an adult looking to try YA, check out this "crossover" guide for a recommendation on where to start!