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Made my day!

Percy Jackson+ Finding Nemo+ Little Mermaid= MY DREAM! If only that was the lake at Hogwarts and Goblet of Fire was in the background too.

PERCABETH thru the years

Annabeth and Percy growing up. but number former is incorrect because Annabeth would be invisible if she had her hat on.

Camp Jupiter and his Dad's name is Jupiter. Greatest prank ever. I mean just look at Percy and Leo around the corner!

Jupiter is Jason's dad's. So camp Jupiter is equals camp dad to Jason. Leo and Percy in the background.

k1216:  He’s completely oblivious to all the attention he’s...

Percy Jackson at the aquarium. In the aquarium, it looks like the sea creatures know that Percy is the son of Poseidon the God of the Seas who created them because Percy reminded them of their creator of the ocean.