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Imperial Fists Legion Templar Brethren Upgrade Set

Imperial Fists Legion Templar Brethren Upgrade Set

frombeyondtheveil:  Emperor’s Finest by Stuart Hughe

captainblacklobster: Company is lured into a trap on the surface of Hydra Cordatus by the Iron Warriors and is nearly destroyed in the ensuing Siege. No more than thirty Battle-Brothers.

Imperial Fist-great adaptation of the shield for  non-polearm use.

Brother sternguard sergeant Waldorf by Inkary on DeviantArt

Volomir's Blog: Brother Fonsel

Brother Fonsel - Gold Single GD Germany 2008 I have seen so many Imperial Gold colour that is so amazing, it makes my Imperial Fist models pale in jealousy.

Brother Maximillian

An old and grizzled veteran, Maximillian has taken part in many of Scythes most desperate engagements against the Tyranid threat. He currently commands squad 2 of the remaining.

The Khan, Lorgar, and Dorn

The Butcher’s Nails – Art & Voice Direction Suggestions

Triumph at Ullanor - Lorgar Aurelian (center) with two of his brothers: Jaghatai Khan (left) and Rogal Dorn (right)

The Wall of Dorn by DrZestarooni on DeviantArt

Dorn: I have an idea. Guilliman: Let me guess. Dorn: No. Dorn: I'm going to give all my legionaries shields that are as ta. The Wall of Dorn