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Replica of a finnish Firesteel from Satakunta which, was exported to places like Birka  and Hedeby. Silver and steel, also available in Bronze. http://www.northan.net/product_info.php?language=en&gm_boosted_product=M82-Finnischer-Feuerschlaeger&armreif--schwert--messer--kaftan--loeffel--feuerschlaeger--feuer=M82-Finnischer-Feuerschlaeger.html&products_id=95&

Satakunta Finnish Firesteel of a type found in Hedeby/Haithabu and Birka (reproduction)



Viking Age Double Horse headed necklace 9th Century CE, Finland. I have a sterling reproduction of this pendant.

Viking Horse - C Finnish - I think this is a weapon- one would hold the horse head section in his hand

Extremely Rare Viking 'Odin and Ravens' Firesteel Copper-alloy, 25.42 grams, 58.60 mm. Circa 9th-10th century AD. A cast copper-alloy firesteel with iron striking surface below, bifacial with identical design to each face. Reference: published in Hammond, B. British Artefacts vol.2 - Middle Saxon & Viking, Witham, 2010 item 1.16-f.

Extremely Rare Viking 'Odin and Ravens' Firesteel Copper-alloy, grams…

Bergkristallanhänger Wikinger Gotland Lilla Rone heute in Nationalmuseum Stockholm

Viking pendant with rock crystal sphere - Silver-mounted rock-crystal sphere influenced by Slavic tradition. From the Lilla Rone hoard discovered at Gotland.- - Rights Managed - Stockfoto - Corbis:

"Mikkeli, Finland, ca 1200, reconstuction." http://paakaupunkiseutu.suntuubi.com/?cat=248  layout207

Mikkeli, Finland, ca reconstuction. - the blue is woad and the red madder.