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The Top 10 Absolute Best Inspirational Quotes

Looking for the best quotes about life & happiness? Read our best quotes, we rank as #1....

The Biggest Psychological Thrillers of 2016

The biggest psychological thriller books to read from this past year. Perfect books to read if you like Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train.

38 Amazing Motivational And Inspirational Quotes

14 Best The Big Bang Theory Quotes from 'The Geology Elevation' (10x09

Quote from The Big Bang Theory 10x09 │ Leonard Hofstadter: It’s always fun watching him read someone else’s work. Penny Hofstadter: It’s like scrolling through the emojis on my phone. Sheldon Cooper: Ye– why? Eh, why?! Oh, that’s why. Amy Farrah Fowler: Sounds like the night we had coitus.

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30 Must-Read Books for 2017 - Best Books to Read in 2017

Kick your new year off right with this huge list of the 30 must-read books for 2017! You're going to love these reading selections!

HOW TO CREATE A SELF-CARE PLAN TO MEET YOUR NEEDS | Self-care allows you to connect with, hear and eventually live from your truest self. Self-care helps you reclaim the energy that can be drained by day to day life. Use this the checklist to begin creating a self-care plan that meets your needs. There's no right or wrong answer and no judgement. Click through to download the free self-care checklist and motivational quote. Pin it now, read it later. @jillconyers