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Bahaha, I love short arm Trex jokes, never seen this one before! The Unstoppable T-Rex

He got it under control

Worlds Worst Firefighter meme chill out I got this cutbacks meme lol lulz picture funny

I feel like we NEED to know this sort of stuff...

How to make a ninja mask out of a T-shirt. You know, because you just never know when you might need a ninja mask from a T-shirt.

Does it make me a horrible person that I cried from laughing over this? :"D

I had my suspicions…

In an alternate universe. Dark humor

In an alternate universe...

That's usually how I play it except I have him over a volcano with a pair of scissors about to cut the rope.

Nine Ways of Hangman

Alternative ways to play hangman. I gotta try this the next time I play hangman!


Hidden Pancakes in a 5 Dollar Bill. I'm a moron xD Hidden Pancakes in a 5 Dollar Bill TMT twi I was about to try that too I'm moron xD

Grim Reaper drone. Great idea! :P

Funny pictures about The most frightening prank. Oh, and cool pics about The most frightening prank. Also, The most frightening prank.