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Guy Sues Yankees, ESPN Because He Was Caught On Camera Sleeping At A Game

You're safer on your bike than on your sofa..10 things we can learn from great cycling cities. Wheels and High Heels | Sightline Daily

Assistants use burning incense and cigarettes to keep bees away from She Ping's face as his bee suit builds on April 9, 2014.

The picture describes the way charlie uses drugs.Reasons for this is obviously what the past had done to him.Also the out shape of events in present made him do them.In some ways charlie doesn't care about the consequences of doing these actions.

NYPD Gave the Wrong Guy a Ticket..This Was His Awesome Response....(Collect that money, make that quota, lazy ass cop with nothing better to do.) do they ever go after real criminals, not often probably because their fkg idiots!

“Am I free to Go?” 6 Cops and Helicopter vs. One Guy Flexing His Rights “We have reasonable suspicion in this day in age that people take pictures to try to harm police.” John Doe: “Are you detaining me?” Cop: “Yes” John Doe: “Under suspicion of what crime?” Cop: “We don’t know yet…” Read more at

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See how much the autonomic nervous system controls? Those of us with autonomic dysfunction have problems with the things that we don't control consciously- i.e. heart rate, breathing, circulation, digestion, nerve activity, EVERYTHING. I can't even control my eye muscles correctly. And we feel PAIN intensely!