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Genetic Engineering Will CHANGE EVERYTHING FOREVER – CRISPR Technology - YouTube 16:03 We ARE Living in the 'Days of Noah'. GENETIC MANIPULATION. They CAUSE the damage to humans and nature via (lots of things) and then say they have the CURE, it's NOT a cure, it's the DESTRUCTION OF THE HUMAN SPECIES!

ECTOGENESIS :THE ARTIFICIAL WOMB IS BORN : Human Ectogenesis basically means the creation of new human life without pregnancy. Instead of incubating the fetus in a mother’s womb, there’d be an artificial incubation tank. Prospective parents would go through the first stages of in vitro fertilization; but instead of implanting the embryo into his mother’s womb, he’d be placed in an artificial womb. Nine months later, and wa-la! You’ve got a new baby. [...] 10/27

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