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Omygosh Jungkook is seriously TOO MUCH in that second photo I want to ship him back to his parents XD

medieval prostitute, a maid, lady bug, a literal chinese lady who don't need no man, a maid again, fucking sailor moon and (the most awaited) ARMY mom. i present to you bangtan!

Such a two-timer <-? I like to think of them as VMinKook

I need them to all post memes on Twitter of themselves. Like one whole week and each day is a different member with 3 memes. Please. They need to do that

“© MYSTIC RED | Do not edit. ”

Suga's is hilariously cute; he tried XD jungkook's such a good drawer tho

BTS RM | cough cough. Hahaha nah twitter's enuff tbh

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