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A great addition to your outdoor summer wardrobe, this men's straw hat is perfect to wear during the hot weather. Made from a lightweight rush material with a large brim, this hat will provide you with shade and help keep you cool.

If I Can Do It, So Can You

Homesteading to me means providing for my family instead of relying on mass distribution - be it the foods we eat or the products we use." - Jessica

Companion planting is the secret, the lettuce and the onions complement each other on shape, flavor and allows us to plant more food in our raised beds.

Companion Plants for Fruit Trees

Plant bee balm & borage to attracting beneficial insects. Borage adds calcium, potassium & other minerals to the soil. Nasturtium planted beneath pear trees & allowed to climb around the tree provides protection from coddling moth & fruit tree borers. Plant legumes to help fix nitrogen. Keep your pear tree and legume watered & fertilized.

The beauty of Biochar. Biochar is charcoal that you bury in your garden. It does many of the cool things that compost does – it holds water and nutrients like a sponge, it encourages crazy fungal growth. But unlike compost, it cannot be eaten by soil micro-organisms. It lasts just about forever. And if you’re an environmentalist, there’s a side benefit: that carbon won’t go into the atmosphere, which helps offset global warming.