ive always dreamed of seeing a naked picture of harry.

Harry Styles(:

And people ask me why Harry is my favorite. Well i mean just look at that gorgeous face. Those glowing eyes, the perfect teeth. The most adorable nose. And the hair! Oh the curls make me dizzy. Must i go on?

You can stay Harry--Harry, you're so beautiful!! I know Mick had his fans and no disrespect but I'd always choose my Harry. <3

Mick Jagger could be Harry's dad, Vas happenin boys Vas Happenin boys!

OHMYGOSH. I used think she was soo weird.....

Hahaha yessss i used to change it to "IF the look like mick jagger" but i dont anymore!

If you've never heard "maclemore thrift shop" you won't understand;)

Harry Styles wearing you're granddaddy clothes, he looks incredible

Couldn't decide whether to put this on my harry potter or one direction board... It put it in both :)

<<< I found a comment on the Soml music video and it said Niall was ugly in the video