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One low flying jet and pilot to aim a hail storm from hell!

F-22 Raptor Breaks Sound Barrier On Camera

F-22 Raptor Breaks Sound Barrier On Camera

Breaking the sound barrier. Military jets used to do this all the time over our house in rural Maine.breaking the sound barrier.

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That face! A-10 Warthog ♥

5 knots of air speed lost for every second this gun is firing.

North American Rockwell Bronco - coming in for a landing !

Killer Smiles! A-10 Warthog

Obviously NOT WWII criteria, but the nose art is pretty cool.

This undated photo provided by the National Airline History Museum shows its Lockheed Constellation, the only one left in the U.S. that is airworthy. The Museum is trying to raise $3.2 million to restore it and recreate aviator Howard Hughes’ record-setting cross-country flight in the plane that transformed commercial air travel.

Trans World Airlines Lockheed Super Constellation "Star of America" circa 1996 - Restored by the…

B-17 flying with his little friends.

B-17 flying with his little friends.

A-10 -  One of God's Subcontractors

Motivational poster: Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord . but He sub-contracts Warthog)