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I find this very amusing.  I think it may be time to up my meds.

In a parallel universe...

Seems legit.

Things that appear to be legitimate. But yet there are still humans that seem determined to make us all as a whole appear extremely stupid and actually check out the weird places. Like vans. Don't buy shoes from vans ladies.

2 kinds of people in this world

2 kinds of people

I'm all left side. How about you guys?<<<< i'm the left side except for the pizza thing


Stay True, Simple

What the actual fuck--> no way this HAS to be photoshopped there's just no way Sasuke can hold up a motorcycle in figurine form

What the actual fuck. so I guess Sasuke is stronger than Naruto after all, eh?

Pranks You Need To Try

Crazy things to eat and drink in public. TOTALLY doing one of these for work on April Fools Day - perhaps eating vanilla pudding out of a mayo jar during my lunch break.D (Also - white chocolate deodorant?