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Top students fleeing Oakland public schools


These Girls Had The Best Reaction To Getting Toys With Their Late Grandpa's Voice

Mariana, who opened her bear first, was so overwhelmed she burst into tears and hugged the bear as if it were her late grandpa. | People Can't Stop Crying At These Girls Being Given Teddy Bears With Their Late Grandpa's Voice - BuzzFeed News

Child-safe Website of Free News Articles for Kids

free website of news articles for kids, provides a safe environment for kids to stay updated on what is going on around the world, including world news, science and technology, our earth, society and art.

Plan to Achieve Your Year 2017 Goals!

Free Printable Monthly Goal Sheets

The "World Times" is a set of newspaper articles handed out in the World War One Simulation. The Article on the Assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand is the catalist that starts the simulation. After the newspaper is passed out to all the countries, Serbia and Austria-Hungary are assigned to write public statements to be read to the class the next period (1914). The conditions are set for war! #SSchat #HistoryTeacherchat

Writing ARTICLES {Writing Informational Texts: Newspapers}

Do you want your students to write factual, well-structured articles? Then this lesson plan pack will guide you through the process of teaching your students the following: the main elements of feature articles and hard news articles (and the difference between the two); the principles behind writing great headlines; the importance of genre, audience, purpose and style; and the process of planning, writing and editing their articles.

Looking for middle- and high-school reading passages? is a FREE collection of hundreds of nonfiction texts, short stories, poems, news articles, historical documents, and more. All come with a rigorous question set, discussion guide, paired passages, and related media.

such cowards, torturing a mentally disabled classmate for 48 hours, scum, nothing but scum