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How livable a community is depends on many factors like affordability, health, safety, connectivity, infrastructure and services. As cities around the world grow, urbanization can often threaten a city’s livability by causing land prices and housing costs to rise. Moreover, as individuals migrate to cities from rural areas (or from different countries), many find themselves alienated from the fabric of the city—many struggle to find work. Check out the link for more details.

Why bother with this small developer stuff?

Exclusive: Dallas Regional Chamber lays out new long-term strategy

Recent success with companies such as Toyota, which is moving its headquarters to this Plano location, is prompting the Dallas Regional Chamber to redouble its efforts to woo international companies.


Enough // love this reality check. we have more than we need and let ourselves get distracted by riches and the cares of the world rather than the great commission. minus the comment about "God shining on us," I love this ❤️

Imagine Whole Foods at dollar-store prices.

The LeanIn generation could learn a thing or two from these pioneers.

Everyone Gets a Prize (street smart blog)

Toms Shoes Is Investing In Companies That Actually Care About The World

Making money is not enough for this big apparel company. It wants to do good -- and help startups with similar missions.

The lack of affordable housing in Dallas is the leading cause of homelessness in the city, according to an annual U.S. Conference of Mayors report. Though Dallas homelessness has been…

Flint Rep: There Are No Throwaway Cities – Next City