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Synonym Rolls! I had my students write the synonyms on the roll and we hung it up around the room!!

I had my students write the synonyms on the roll and we hung it up around the room!

This website is for educators who want to learn about using iPads in education. Here you will find information about the Victorian school iPads for Learning trial including specially selected apps, classroom ideas and technical tips.

iPads for Learning - Department of Education - Victoria, Australia - One of my favourite sites!

#YouTube EDU brings learners and educators together in a global video classroom.

YoutTube has come out with another website that is strictly education videos! Has a TedTalks channel and many more school friendly videos.

This a FREE site that gives students a personalized and self-paced activities in Math and Reading.

scootpad - free site for students to practice math and reading skills that correlate to the common core-- need to check this out


iPad apps for teachers. By far the most helpful list I've looked at. Most others app lists are for students but this is for teachers' efficient and effective use of iPads in class.

Happy Oncology Nurse Month 5D!

Looking to add custom posters to your classroom? Just pick a template, type in a quote, and you're done! Thinking this would work good for our new 4 school wide rules! Create a poster and print at CopyMax.

Heart Map--Make a map of the things you love and use it for writing inspiration through out the year.

4 Easy Art Projects to Help Your Family Connect

A heart map! Kids make a heart of things they love and refer to it during writing time. Great BOY project to place in their writer's notebook!

Have students create their own "What I think I do Meme" in order to practice the relative pronoun "LO QUE".

Things No One Told Me About Teaching

What is a meme? A meme is “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Here are some examples of famous memes: Some memes are funny, other are sarcastic, some a…

Free Printable Board Game Templates... for making a game badge!

Free Printable Board Game Templates- fun to make a family game board or good for making teaching games

All About Me Gazette.pdf

Ten Back to School Activities to Welcome Your Class and Break the Ice , First Day of School Activity Packet, first day of school student res.