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Omg those r all spiders! At first I thought they were frogs! I was like, I would run through a field of flying frogs for a couple trillion billion dollars, but then I realised it was spiders.

Here's a prime example of men are from mars women are from venus

A prime example of “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” Its a really funny story

.... *tries to speak but has to close mouth to not laugh* *tries again* *looks down* *tries again but dies laughing*

.... *tries to speak but has to close mouth to not laugh* *tries again* *looks down* *tries again but dies laughing*

Walmart Worker Gets Written Complaints From Management | Seriously, For Real?Seriously, For Real?

Funniest Walmart employee -- Shane is hilarious. if Shane f. Worked at the Walmart deli.

Had to pin this, there is a man holding a House of Raeford turkey!!!  I should so be in the PR department!

"Think all parents are boring? Think again, these images aim to prove otherwise." Could definitely see my parents doing some of these.specifically my dad. The birth control blanket is the best, hahaha

parents who have way too much fun!

We have rounded up some funny and geeky parents who around bound for internet stardom. Parents are hilarious when they try lol

Fashion confuses Aaron Paul.

Fashion Confuses Aaron Paul It's okay Paul. Fashion confuses me too!

Funny pictures about When Your Monkey Selfie Goes Wrong. Oh, and cool pics about When Your Monkey Selfie Goes Wrong. Also, When Your Monkey Selfie Goes Wrong photos.

In Australia the spiders are so big you have to wear a helmet when you face them. - PandaWhale

Funny pictures about Nooope nope nope. Oh, and cool pics about Nooope nope nope. Also, Nooope nope nope.

NOPE NOPE NOPEEEEEEEE.....what the hell do you mean by "I picked it up with a tissue"???? The sentence should have read "I then got a match and burned the house down!"  Hahahaha!

This just made my heart stop. I killed a big spider today and now I& terrified it& babies are everywhere!


"It turns out that my [childhood] birthdays were crazier than my

Am I the only one that finds this annoyng?

My ocd senses are tingling! Dump A Day Well This Is Going To Bother A Lot More Than It Should - 4 Pics

I was so confused at first. took me forever to see it right. I laughed so hard at the fact someone had to draw it from a different perspective.

yep...I'd go medieval on the lights...if they could live without lights...so can I...

i would definitely live with candles than try to deal with a spider that big. well actually if i saw a spider that big in the house i would use the candle to burn the house down