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Four Weighty Mistakes Pet Owners Make - With Easter just around the corner here is timely advice on how to help your pet beat the battle of the bulge rather than indulging with sweet treats or chocolate (which can be toxic for cats and dogs). Sister Cindy du Preez is a veterinary nurse (based in Pretoria) who has helped scores of her... Life Retreat | South Africa

The Top 10 Pet Owner Mistakes, from Real Simple. Fantastic reading if you own a pet or are thinking of getting one. Too many treats. Yep!

Top 10 Editor Pet Peeves, Writing Mistakes You're Making that Annoy Your Editor | Book Editing Service | Michelle Adams Blog

Great visuals for explaining the difference between very similar animals (& poison vs venom ! my personal pet peeve!)

Not Socializing Young Pets It's important to provide puppies and kittens with positive human interaction during their first seven weeks of life. This includes handling and play that fosters trust in people. Reputable breeders will begin this interaction, and you can continue the process when you bring your pet home. To develop a strong bond, play with your new puppy or kitten every day.

The 4 Biggest Health Mistakes Dog Owners Make 1. Ignoring Dental Health 2. Not Controlling Fleas 3. Not Properly Grooming Your Pet 4. Skimping on Quality of Food --A high-quality food can extend your dog’s life or help save him from debilitating diseases.

Making This Diabetes Mistake Can Be Like Pouring Gasoline on a Fire I occasionally hear or read about diabetic cats whose disease goes into remission, but then returns at a later date. The pet parent is understandably confused and concerned, and the poor kitty is back on either oral or injectable insulin.