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This photograph still captures my imagination and admiration and hero worship, as it did for so many of my generation. At 71, my ONLY vehicle is an 80 mph GT200 Vespa. I ride it every day. Wet or dry. I've been Road Captain of a motorcycle club, worked in motorcycle shops for years and taught for the MSF. My leg doesn't go over the saddle anymore, so I enjoy a fun step-through. But I still really want a siren.

WHEN YOU THINK of Toyota, you probably think of the Prius. Or the Camry, maybe pickup trucks that just won’t die. You know, cars. The i-Road is not a car. It’s a funky electric three-wheeled concept the automaker seems to think we’ll one day use to zip around cities burning nothing but rubber. It combines the advantages of a motorcycle (nimble, thrifty, easy to park) and of a car (enclosed, controls you’re used to, won’t topple) in a vehicle that is as fun to drive as it is weird to see.

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