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how I speak...

how I speak.

Mama Cass Eliot - "Dream a little dream of me" (1967, live) []

Mama Cass Eliot - "Dream a little dream of me" live).the exact beginning is missing but it's so good anyway.I loved Mamma Cass!

FREE Princess Reader Printable Books

FREE Princess Reader Printable Books

FREE Disney Princess Sight Word Readers - these are so much fun and simple to print and practice reading for Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade, Grade

Jar of hearts

You're gonna catch a cold From the ice inside your soul. Who do you think you are, collecting your jar of hearts

Bodyweight workout for fibromyalgia

Beginner’s Body Weight Workout

Apparently this is a genuine website!l didn't know if l should put this on my Fibro board or my humour board! Clearly, they haven't got a clue what Fibro is!

O.O Eek. #Ouran High School Host Club

Anime- Ouran High School Host ClubQuote by- Kaoru Hitachiin Anime Quote

I'm creating a Free Accountabilty group for the month of June based on working on Abs to get ready for Summer! Contact me for more information or comment below to join this free group!

300 rep ab workout for those students who want to show off their 6 pack during the summer

When I was a little younger, and something or someone hurt my feelings, I'd do something similar to this. I'd dress up and put a little makeup on,  just so I could feel beautiful... yep, that's me

When I'm feeling a little low, I put on my favorite high heels to stand a little taller - Dolly Parton And for those of us who are already tall.get taller. Anyone who says otherwise needs to find a different hobby.

Engagement photos I took for a coworker on his wedding website!

Courtney & Andrew

via Bendigo Web Design eCommerce. Maybe I'm just cynical (very probable) but I'm not a fan of the 'wedding website'. Nevertheless, a nice site with relatively simple, clean design.

Ouran Highschool Host Club, Death Note, Fairy Tail

Siete propuestas para hacer una tarta

That's how it is when I'm with my husband.. We our in our own little bubble and see nobody but is 2 Oscar & Elyse Quezada

So best relationship is with a Sagittarius.he is a great friend and we have lots of fun together.