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Brain or Heart?

Brain or Heart?

.... Even kind souls have their limits and call on those who defend good people.  Go get them Archangels ;)

The Empath Dilemma "Nothing hurts a good soul and the kind heart more than to live among people who can't understand it.

Yes..they never do..he never did..u keep waiting..for them to chase u once...for him to tell u once that he needs u like u need him..but he won't..he can't..thats what kills u..

u keep waiting.for them to chase u once.for him to tell u once that he needs u like u need him.but he wont.he cant.thats what kills u.

When that day comes...it will signify that i have already forgiven you. Because for now...whenever i see your face in my mind...i can still feel my heart burning with so much hatred and anger. One day...i really really wish...that i would wake up feeling nothing at all. (Cause you know what they say..."hate is not the oppositte of love...its indifferrence." Thats what im waiting to happen.

Because I'll wake up next to someone else. Someone who deserves me. Someone who doesn't take me for granted. Someone who listens when I talk.

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“Be human. Be as human as you can be. Be human to the fullest. Feel without shame, without justifying. Your heart and mind are meant to be alive.