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(gif set) ""Be my Valentine." ||| Supernatural "My Bloody Valentine" and "Mannequin The Reckoning"

Supernatural through the years. It started off scaring the shit out of ya then you laughed at it and weren't afraid when the demon or whatever jumped out but you were afraid when one of them died and you didn't know how soon till they were brought back.

I would drink so much coffee, tea, etc. because I would want to use all of them at the same time!

I think Sam should be before Dean, but that's just me. (Sam/Daddy Issues) (Dean/Attitude)<---more like it is up on picture but in reverse order with sam first, cas second, and dean last because he puts the people he loves before himself

Well this is interesting. I can't wait for writers to add him in to the show because that'd be a plot twist especially because of the wax museum episode haha XD

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Dean gave up Robin and the only home he ever really had. Then again he gave up Benny, a true friend in a time he really needed one. He does everything for Sam, and I'm glad to see it's reciprocated in season 10 finally

Just saw that episode!! I had to pause it to laugh for a few minutes when they started fighting in the backseat

As a fundraiser for his charity, he pledged to run over 50 miles and then did. | 15 Reasons Misha Collins Is An Angel Amongst Men <-was even jogging the morning of his panel at ComicCon past all the fans waiting in line for Supernatural!!!!!

They have a GIF for human sacrifice: | Community Post: Definitive Proof That The "Supernatural" Fandom Has A GIF For Everything<<<of course we have a gif for human sacrifice I mean a season of our show was dedicated to human sacrifice