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It's not Adam and Steve it's... dust man and magical rib woman.......PLUS, who did their sons have sex with?  Their sisters?

It's not Adam and Steve it's. dust man and magical rib woman. Worst super hero names ever.

Avenger Humor: Met Two Gods

[Picture of Captain America]Met two gods. Still a Christian. [Picture of Iron Man]Met two gods. Still an Atheist. [Picture of Hulk]Met two gods. Beat the crap out of both.


God only gives us what he thinks we can handle. Apparently, God thinks I'm bad ass!

This is just... amazing.  Jesus didn't have a fancy costume to save the world.  :)

“Nice Story, JC, But Do You Expect People To Believe That?”

Jesus and Super Heroes! This WILL be part of our super hero themed nursery :-). I love this. Because Jesus IS a superhero!

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Science. Science. Doesn't really give a shit about your beliefs.

There's no room for belief in rigorous science. Just curiosity, the desire to dedicate your life to the greater good, and the drive to never give up. "SCIENCE doesn't really give a shit about your BELIEFS"