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9 Lists To Keep Updated, and Keep Handy

9 Lists To Keep Updated, and Keep Handy. Love this idea of keeping them all in one journal! There's something about crossing off an item on a written list that's so much more satisfying than deleting it from a digital one.

Your Checklist for Making Positive Changes in the New Year

What do you want to accomplish? And how can you overcome what's holding you back? Each of these perspective-shifting lists, from The 52 Lists Project, take only a few minutes to complete. As you fill each out, tape it to the wall. (Note: Please complete the lists in the order they appear below, as the order is important.)

Rediscovering Who You Are - Journal Prompts

Journal about yourself and find your way back to your own heart. When we know who we are, we’re more able to live with intention. The questions this month are meant to help you rediscover who you are right now. Read through, think about them, write or discuss. Come back to the ones that hit you most …