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The Doctor would just confuse the hell out of them<--how do you make a Winchester holy? You confuse the hell out of them.

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I don't think Sherlock agrees with The Doctor that the Winchesters are the best hunters in the world.<<<Considering dean is pointing a knife at his chest, i think Sherlock thinks they are idiots.

FINALLY some Mycroft in on this SuperWhoLock shit XD

I love when fandoms collide. Dr Who. <---- It's Doctor Who not dr who.<---- it's the Doctor not doctor who

So, yeah, summation of all the fandoms right here! :) Good ol' Sam, always the optimist

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OKAY GUYS LET ME BE HONEST WITH YOU... I need to watch Sherlock and Doctor who... BUT I know so much stuff bc TUMBLR! But yeah I'll watch it. GUYS I NEED SUPERWHOLOCK OKAY IS GOLDEN

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How is the Sherlock fandom sane? Like, on what planet?