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Many problems with gluteus medius and minimus stem from a tight piriformis. If the piriformis is too tight they can't function correctly.

What is a Lumbar Laminectomy?  They will remove the center of my backbone on three vertebrae to relieve  pinching of my spinal cord. | Repinned by @michaelgleiber

Image depicting before and after laminectomy- the procedure to remove lamina to treat pain because of pinched nerve

Muscle Anatomy of the Hip. #hipanatomy

The muscles in the pelvis, hip and upper leg work together to move the hip and rotate the leg in the acetabular joint.

What vertebra causes which leg pains? Lower Leg Pain | OSTEOPATHY | Osteopathy Acupuncture | Paphos | Limassol | Cyprus ...

What vertebra causes which leg pains? Lower Leg Pain | OSTEOPATHY | Osteopathy Acupuncture | Paphos | Limassol | Cyprus ...

Trapezius Muscle - my lower trapezius was detached and "flapping" from the medial border (closest to spine) of my scapula - this image creates a pretty good visual of how extreme that is!

Pain Relief from Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy - What are Triggerpoints? Triggerpoints are knots, lumps or strings of muscle tissue that are the cause of most muscle pain and dysfunction. Some triggerpoints may be obvious to a person in pain but m

Shin Splints and Weak Glutes By: Dr. Peggy Malone This is something that I’ve written about in a previous post but it is worth revisiting especially because this subject is key in preventing and treating the pain of Shin Splints. It’s also relevant at this time of the year when many athletes are coming Continue Reading

Shin Splints and Weak Glutes

Anatomy of the muscles of the gluteal region. In this anatomy lesson you will discover the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

A therapist must know this muscle group and its trigger points very well if they are to offer effective solutions to their client’s chest pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain, radiating arm pain or thoracic outlet syndrome, wrist pain, and hand pain complaints. The job of releasing Scalene trigger points is made more difficult by the somewhat hidden location of the muscle group and its proximity to many important nerve trunks and blood vessels in the neck region.

Trigger point activity in the Scalene muscle group plays a significant role in many upper body pain complaints such as chest pain, upper back pain, shoulder

This is a great myofascial release for your tight neck or shoulder - Freedom! And all you need is a ball.

Myofascial Release: tight neck and shoulder self treatment: upper traps, self trigger point knots, tension headaches treatment