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Actually when spelled out it's pronounced "Ese O Seh Kah Ese" but whatever

My dad would always say "Eso si que es", but I'd be wondering why he was spelling socks.>>>I speak spanish and this is not so accurate

I was fine until I imagined a frantic naked person yodeling at the top of their lungs and I just

Just some more Tumblr stuff. - Imgur

Just some more Tumblr stuff.

Omg and it's at times like these that I wish my school had security camera even though that's the crappiest idea I've ever heard. What idiot puts security camera in schools?<< welcome to public school.


Same<<If you hadn't said football player I would assume that dude was Tucker Foley

Loop zoop Led Zeppelin wisdom teeth

Ahh yes, the famous band Loop Zoop, with their hits "Stoorwoo to hoovon" and "Imoogront soongl