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FRICK ——> Actually, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the Stolls aren’t twins. And no one will ever forget the dam snack bar XD

harry potter and percy jackson combined. I LOVE IT.

There needs to be more Percy Jackson/ Harry Potter crossovers in the world.>>> this would be an awesome book/movie, a funny one at that>>rick riordan and jkr meeting would probably cause an apocalypse of wonderful.

Percy Jackson and The Olympians © Rick Riordan © Whoever made this I honestly had no idea what category to put this in, sorry if I messed it up. I found this "Pledge" on the internet the other day....

The Percy Jackson Pledge I also promise to remember Bob the Titan when I looked at the stars and sun I also promise to forever not only to Remember the PJO series but also THO series, TOA series and all the others with demigods in it .

Every Light has Dark in it

It's a really good phrases for the Percy Jackson Series and in The Hero's of Olympus Series in the times of the events for the characters.

Heroes of Olympus... Percabeth ❤️

Last pages of Mark of Athena into the House of Hades: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase falling into Tartarus amazing fan art

Gee, i don't know if i should pin this on Avatar or Percy Jackson.. I will put it on both.

Gee, i don't know if i should pin this on Avatar or Percy Jackson.