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i do not want to have you to fill up the empty parts of me. i want to be full on my own. i want to be so complete i could light a whole city and then have you. cause the two of us combined could set it on fire - rupi kaur

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Writing prompt - I always found it quite strange and scary that everyone is in their own little worlds, with their own thoughts that you'll never know about -S.S quote

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"Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind."  ~Dodinsky

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He looks at you like you're threw moon and the stars. He's a grown man but he loves you like a boy. Desperately and whole heartedly. He's yours completely

You are my what if. What if a shooting star granted my wish. And what if you loved me, in every way that I love you. And what if, I am for you, as you are for me. -- Absolutely love this! You are my what if .

You tried to tear down your house too many times; so, I shut you out.

You can't make homes out of humans, my life's not a fire to keep you warm. I won't let you in just because you have knocked. If you keep using my heart as your doormat, the next time you'll find that it is locked.


Stars - Magic tumbled from her pretty lips and when she spoke the language of the universe - the stars sighed in unison - Quote by Michael Faundet

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"What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame but something wild to run with. Loved this quote, so went looking for the source… found some worthy thoughts by Robert Brault ( The Quote Guy.