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Thy are so cute together! I think it is funny he isn't wearing shoes... Brendon and Sarah urie

Sarah + Brendon Urie's Photo Booth photos by: www. photo booth by: www. Magazine (US) Magazine (US) Gordon photography

Brendon's forehead is magical

Brendon's forehead is magical

Some fun stuff for you :)

LOL. Look at this

MCR shouldn't even be there. You know. Think about it.    I am so sorry<<<You wanna get punched?

and Frank Iero's abnormally short body!<<i thought brendon was just wearing the top hat omg<<< wait have you seen the picture of brendon with a regular sized forehead?

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Fall Out Boy My Chemical Romance Panic! At the Disco (the emo trinity;)<<<no stop with this emo trinity shit ,, gerard fucking hated that his band wad called "emo" . so ppl need to stop w the emo trinity shit bc gerard fucking hated it .