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A appropriate statistical tool to: (i) estimate the mean calories of beers with 90% confidence; and (ii) test that the mean percentage of alcohol content of beers is less than 4% at 5% significance. Statistics homework help

Johnson Inc. conducted a state wide survey t o determine the extent to which Michigan residence supported proposal A in the last election. Suppose it was estimated before the study that no more than 40% of the eligible voters would vote in favor of this proposal. How large a sample would Johnson Inc. have to take in estimating the population proportion to ensure 98% confidence in the results and to be within 0.03 of the true population proportion? Statistics homework help

Compute a 95% confidence interval and explain it. Use the error in explanation. Assume that you have the population standard deviation. Mean=40 Sample standard deviation=12 N=30 Statistics homework help

The mean number of flaws per square yard in a type of carpet material is claimed to be 2.2 flaws per square yard along with a standard deviation of 1.2 flaws per square yard. The population can be assumed to be normal. Find x0 such that P(X ≤ x0) = 0.9780 is true, ie find the value of x0 that can be inserted into the blank that makes this statement true:“97.8% of the time, there are fewer than ______ flaws per square yard.”

For a sample of eight bears, researchers measured the distance around bears chest nd weighed the bears chest and weighed the bears. Minitab was used to find that the value of linear correlation coefficient is r=0.897. Using a=0.05, determine if there is a linear correlation between chest size and weight. What proportion of variation in weight can be explained by the linear relationship between weight and chest size? Statistics homework help

The sales representative for a manufacturer of a new product claims that the product will increase output per machine by at least 29 units per hour. A line manager installs the product on 15 of the machines, and finds that the average increase was only 26 with a sample standard deviation of 6.2.Which of the following statements is most accurate? Statistics homework help

Arithmetic mean, standard deviation, combined variance statistics homework help

Question: If you flip a quarter 10 times. What is the probability you will get heads all 10 times. I More need to get how to find the answer than the actual answer. Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help by tutorteddy Standard deviation a random sample has 49 values. the sample mean is 8.5 and the sample standard deviation is 1.5. use a level of significance of 0.01 to conduct a left-tailed test of the claim that the population mean is 9.2.