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Photoshop is revolutionary tool to fuse feelings and emotions of the artist in their work by retouching. In this post, we collected 35 creative surreal pho

Women walking in the street in Kabul, Afghanistan, 1970s. Before the war. Before the Taliban.

Something went terribly wrong...

Before the presence of the Taliban in the country, Afghanistan had seen considerable amount of women's rights. In Taliban seize control of Kabul prohibiting women from work, and introducing Islamic punishments such as stoning to death and amputations.

At the Back of the North Wind is a children's book by George MacDonald Illustrated by Jessie-Wilcox-Smith.

bumble button: Book Plates by Jessie Wilcox Smith, A Beloved Children's Book Artist

Photo Manipulate a Magical Shoe House Scene

Creative Photoshop manipulation tutorials that will surely help you. With the right tools and techniques you can get unique and exquisite photo effects in Photoshop.

Charles "Dad" Bailey first newsstand in Los Angeles (Photo source: skyscraperpage.com)

Charles "Dad" Bailey first newsstand in Los Angeles

Forgotten Sunglasses  vladimir kush

Vladimir Kush - Forgotten Sunglasses, posted in forum Great Art of The World, by Luis Miguel Goitizolo

Tu sueño no tiene día de expiración. ¡Toma aire e intenta de nuevo!

Your dream doesn't have an expiration date. Take a deep breath, and try again. - Image quote by Sayings