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Manliest of men.

Misha talking about Jared's pranks where he lets air out of his tires before he goes home after late nights of shooting.

Fara Winchester on

Misha and Jared convention panel - Mean pranks, Jared. Why do that to poor sweet Misha?


Ok, being a geek/nerd thought the design Wanek came with is awesome. An object used for one purpose. Over time morphed into another purpose.

Jared and Jensen's Fridge. I think it's so cute that Jared did all the grocery shopping when they were roomies.

:what a fantastic conclusion to come to when faced with the question of why your doing all the shopping! Not because of who is eating the most, but delusions of being able to successfully navigate the treacherous shopping centre better >_< lol

Misha Collins. Poor guy never got to go home :c

Misha collins on his acting voice <<< i thought this exactly when he came on the show. "Oh, he will only be here a couple episodes," and THEN we have him here for a few years

the moment i stopped taking a break between watching episode and couldn't get enough

Chay Chee on