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Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin

Jean-Baptiste Siméon Chardin, Woman Cleaning Turnips, ca. Chardin served as a forerunner to the movement in French painting. Chardin's influence on the art of the modern era was wide-ranging, and has been well-documented - REALISM

The Garden Gate by Helen Allingham

Helen Allingham (de soltera, Helen Mary Elizabeth Paterson) (Inglaterra, The Garden Gate.

The Cellarboy, c.1738, CRE CHARDIN, Jean-Simeon; (French;1699-1779),  Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery William Hunter collections

Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin - was an French painter. He is considered a master of still life. "The Cellar Boy", 1738

Woman At The Urn 1733 - Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin - www.jean-baptiste-simeon-chardin.org

Woman At The Urn 1733 by Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin.

Jean Siméon Chardin(1699ー1779)「The Kitchen Maid」(1738)

Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin The Kitchen Maid, , National Gallery of Art, Washington. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of The Kitchen Maid by Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin.

The Young Schoolmistress  probably 1735-6, Jean-Siméon Chardin    The National Portrait Gallery, UK

The Young Schoolmistress Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin (French, Oil on canvas. A young child is being taught by an older girl.

A maid's work is never done

Page: Frau, Geschirr scheuernd Artist: Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin Completion Date: Style: Rococo Genre: genre painting Technique: oil Material: canvas Dimensions: x 37 cm Gallery: Hunterian Art Gallery

La brodeuse. Huile sur toile 1735 de Jean Siméon CHARDIN (français 1699 - 1779)

Page: The Embroiderer Artist: Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin Start Date: 1735 Completion Style: Rococo Genre: genre painting Technique: oil Material: canvas Dimensions: x 19 cm Gallery: Nationalmuseum

Chardin, c.1738- Dorine

CHARDIN, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Servant Returning from the Market (La Pourvoyeuse) 1738

Chardin. cuivre et poêlon

Works of art from The Allen Memorial Art Museum at Oberlin are on exhibit in our European galleries. Integrated into our collection of similar periods, they compliment our paintings and will form the basis of an art history course in the fall at Oberlin:


George Cruikshank Inconveniences of a Crowded Drawing Room 1818 a picture of a room full of people squashed up against each other

Jean-Simeon Chardin - The Scullery Maid, 1738, via Flickr

Hand painted reproduction of The Scullery Maid painting. This masterpiece was painted originally by Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin. Commission your beautiful hand painted reproduction of The Scullery Maid.

The Prayer before Meal by Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin, 1740    Notice the small girls have their hands clasped in prayer.  The younger child is wearing a pudding cap - protective hat worn by 18th century children learning to walk - while the older girl is wearing a lace mob cap adorned with a blue ribbon.  Very grown up! ~Leah Marie Brown

Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin Grace 1740 Oil on canvas H. given to the king by the artist in 1740

Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin

The Morning Toilet - Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin. Oil on canvas. 19 X Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden.