white squirrel by source: This is actually not a true “albino” because it does not have pink/red eyes.

White (not albino! You can find them near London, Ontario. Exeter Ontario calls itself "Home of the White Squirrel.

I tired!

This day as been fun and fanciful, thanks to the ladies on Friendship Lane! I never thought there were so many cute squirrel photos, but you've all proved me wrong, and you deserve a rest. Have sweet squirrel dreams, and a nutty tomorrow!

Squirrel by Ale Muiesan on 500px

Squirrel by Ale Muiesan on 500px

White squirrel

Brevard white squirrels - Photo taken on the grounds of Brevard College, Brevard North Carolina - ANIMALS

The large prominently-veined ears help with both heat gathering (when they spread them to absorb the sun's warmth) and heat elimination (when the veins expand to dissipate excess warmth into the air.

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I had never seen a black squirrel until I stepped foot on OC's campus. We used to run around in front of Dole Hall chasing them and yelling "little black squirrely"!

Piebald Squirrel

There are lots of squirrel like mammals like the ground hog, gopher as well as prairie dog. When it comes to foods, what do squirrel love to eat?

White squirrel

white squirrels of Brevard, NC shared by author Judy Pierce. Magical things happen in Transylvania County!

Cuidando de su cachorro

Aww Mummy Squirrel I have been noticing that Squirrels are one of the most Sociable animals out there I swear they gossip !