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Here's our tribute to one of the most popular cars in the world - The ultimate driving machine - The BMW 3 Series!

The 3 series is just cool. I saw a new 3 series today. I still prefer the looks of the and

History of the Nissan Skyline. An infographic by the team at MicksGarage.com

The History of the Nissan Skyline is long and varied. Our infographic charts its progress from the very beginning back in 1957

Earlier this year, I posted a blog entry about my experiences with Prius camping. Since then, I've become much more experienced at camping in my Prius. Recently, I completed a 21 day trip to four national parks. I camped in the Prius for all 21 of those nights. I've received numerous questions about Prius camping which I'll try to address in this posting. Cost The obvious advantage to using the Prius rather than a more traditional RV is the lower cost of fuel. For most people, a larger…

Living in a Toyota Prius was considered difficult to do before the Prius camper van debuted at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. This unique hybrid modification instantly turns the Prius into a liveable space big enough for two. It features an all-white camper



Love this!  Yes, it is only a photoshopped pic, but it is still a really cool idea. Shared from RVT.com

Smart car owners, though, won't have none of it. They're a bunch of resilient, innovative people who found ways to make their smart cars keep up with the big boys in the automotive industry. Hence, triggering the smart car's evolution.

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LandRover Defender, Australian 110 with pop top conversion. A lot of great ideas incorporated in this build.