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~~"Did We Really Need the War?" by alex-mars.deviantart.com~~

~~"Did We Really Need the War?" by alex-mars.deviantart.com~~

Oh my goodness this was my favorite line in the film... Return to Cranford

"I am very much afraid it is a radish carved by my spouse into an ornamental form." A great moment in "Return to Cranford." The radish is humorous enough. Tom Hiddleston's face makes the scene priceless.

Henry VI I'm just going to put this out there, with a crown on, Tom looks like Prince John in the Disney Robin Hood. Obviously much sexier...but it's there.

Henry V from the Hollow Crown series. With so many great performances, I am beginning to warm to Shakespeare. I have never enjoyed reading Shakespeare, but I've yet to have a disappointing theater experience.

till the morning light

Tom Hiddleston as William Buxton (Return to Cranford). His hair kills me :X

Return to Cranford "It's soooo fluffy! I'm gonna die!!!!" :D :D :D

Tom Hiddleston As William Buxton - ' Return To Cranford ' TV Costume Drama - 2008

(GIF)-- That smile and curly hair ❤.

Return to Cranford-US is a TV mini series.Wallpaper and background photos of Cranford (Christmas Special) for fans of Tom Hiddleston images.

William and Peggy in "Return to Cranford"// Despite the fact that his hair looks like it was electrocuted, I still find this sweet. After all, it is Tom Hiddleston.

Peggy Bell (Jodie Whittaker) and William Buxton (Tom Hiddleston) in Cranford Christmas Special (BBC TVserie,