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No Excuses! Motivational Quotes to Get You Moving

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Tone It Up Inspirational Fitness Quotes

Wanna Lose Fat and Keep It Off

Fitness Motivation! KEEP GOING!! Doing this for me... Check out the website to see how I lost 20 pounds last month

I'm not shy to admit that losing weight was a huge struggle for me. Aside from making a lot of mistakes along the way (what, I can't eat an entire jar of peanut butter?), losing 40 pounds takes a long time. And it takes all the willpower in the world to

Good reminder. It always seems like you're doing it for nothing until you see it. Just takes time

It Only Counts When It Hurts

“I don’t count my situps. I only start counting when it starts hurting. That is when I start counting, because then it really counts. That’s what makes you a champion.”

Three Positive Tips for Exercise Success

I have been finding it difficult to stay motivated mentally and it's been affecting me in other ways! I don't have time for that sort of shit, brain! Gotta keep myself together cuz stage time is coming closer and closer! -RW More