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Explore Cats Are Art, Sweet Peas and more! | sorry for the blue mark | sorry for the blue mark on this one contact me for cleaner version. (When you scan oil pastels your scanner gets a little dirty.) These are old postcard so too old for copyright! I wouldn't put it up otherwise.

Domestic cats in Egypt were considered guardians of family welfare. The cat was in every house whose owners could afford keeping such a VIP.

Summer - Kalle Malloy. About sums it up, a cat calmly looking at his domain, likes to have us around (when he needs us) but can get along quite happily without us & still look good. Perhaps cats are the better humans!?! ;)

History is filled with folklore about cats. One of the most charming stories comes from Russia. They say that if there is at least one cat on the roofs of any town, it means angels are there to protect all those who live there. Painting by Vladimir Rumyantsev

Watercolour by Agnes Bodor (Bodorka){How are my chances of making you a water color expert by sustained exposure to awesome art?}