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True that

True that

you don't even know how much i love this.

What if when a song pops in are head randomly its are soulmate singing?

Rapidly pins this to percy jackson board

0£¥$#AK£$P£AR£ Martin See I try to do cool stuff like this and instead of parents being all cool my parents just act like I'm the biggest disappointment in their lives 13d  Amanda Roberts Amanda Roberts They need to lighten up. If my kids ever did something like this i probably would fall out of the chair laughing... 11d  Rose Tyler Rose Tyler My mom had surgery a couples months ago and when she came back home she was still out of it a littl

I literally laughed out loud at this one

I would have been that shy girl... Yep yep...

Go random quiet girl!

I hate one direction fans so much.still hate one direction though

Explains everything lol... <<Look at our current President. Obama isn't bad, at least he didn't use Twitter to give political announcements

the sass level of obama is my actual aesthetic

This is a good idea.<<<HAHAHHAHA nerds unite!

Level of nerd, LoTR from memory

Jack has no definition

1 of the reasons why Doctor Who is awesome << Jack is omnisexual. He wants to sleep with the world. <<< I love that Jack gets his own category!

"hold up eleven fingers" DYING

Uhhh....  Then call a 911 again!

Has happened in my paramedic classes

yes YES

On Christmas I gave everyone at school cards with doctor who and Sherlock and supernatural quotes in just to get people to start watching them but I don't want people to start watching them because THEYRE MY TV PROGRAMS!

Did they talk about fire safety and burn the stage down or something



I want my life to be this...

Security cameras

Omg and it's at times like these that I wish my school had security camera even though that's the crappiest idea I've ever heard. What idiot puts security camera in schools?<< welcome to public school.

You bet it makes it a problem you just want us dead you little dalek<<----- not a dalek.......silence in the library anyone?

Found on

I was just reading this going "yes! Dark is good!and thought "Nope! Don't touch the shadows. Be warned Dark is now bad. Dark is now bad. Dark is now bad. Dark is now bad.