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Củ Chi tunnels - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We hope that that this recommended itinerary will give you a short but sweet Vietnamese vacation. From stunning nature, to a busy and lively metropolis, to art, religion, and history, get to enjoy “Vietnam – Timeless Charm”!

Cu Chi tunnels - some budget hotels offer some great half day/full day tours for US$10. Highly recommend as a day trip.

American "tunnel rat" prepares to enter a Viet Cong tunnel. Vietnam War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sgt. Ronald H. Payne Tunnel Rat Vietnam War 1967 - Vietnam War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tag: .......Vietnam War. Two US Marine tanks stuck in deep mud during Operation Bold Mariner. It's objective was to find Viet Cong, their tunnels and hiding places among the civilian population. Jan. 1969......." More info on the operation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Bold_Mariner Via ~ The NAM

Human ant farm: Củ Chi tunnels of vietnam. Open to tourists

An open trap door leading into the Cu Chi Tunnels in Viet Nam. When closed, the trap door is camoflaged and invisible.

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