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Finally!  Neglected animals now have a standing chance

Neglected animals now have a standing chance

Dallas Funny pictures (06:33:05 PM, Monday 09, May 2016 PDT) – 50 pics

I love this post. I had to laugh at this one but horses can do some of the funniest things and this "saying" fits this photo.

HAHA! Too cute!

Funny horse picture peeking around a tree with tongue sticking out! Horses have a sense of humor, too.

L i k e

I want a donkey. They're very social animals, so probably two donkeys and a bunch of goats. Imagine having a bad day and just go to your donkeys and hug them


Driftwood horses by artist Heather Jansch. These would look amazing as part of a sculpture garden. (Horses are often seen 'together' droves.

Funny quote-horse

Hey girl…no "HAY" girl! Yes hay girl, but also this horse is a girl too.

Great pic my friend Ben took of my minis.

Great pic my friend Ben took of my minis.

LOL....but really, if you can't bring them into the house, make sure they are warm and covered!

"It's cold out. Bring your pets inside." - This is what I'm talking about! Someone said horses don't get cold outside. I beg to differ, they are always covered up with blankets at night.

I feel ya, man. I never really want to kill them (unless it's one that I know can kill or maim ME) but most of them creep me the fuggout.

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