General Plastic Canvas Home Decor - Shadow Box Frames

Display your family photos in shadow box frames stitched in plastic canvas. Each frame is designed to hold the photo and small mementos. Pattern includes 10 frame designs each about 1 x 7 x 9 -

Plastic Canvas - Accessories - Frames - Fisherman's Shadow Box Frame - #FP00441

Use plastic canvas to stitch a shadow box frame for the fisherman in your life. Size: 1 x 7 x 9 Level: Advanced

Fashion Doll Carry & Play Floor & Tote - Electronic Download

Fashion Doll Plastic Canvas Carry and Play Patterns

Plastic Canvas - This play floor and tote design is used for all the plastic canvas Fashion Doll Carry & Play books. Stitched on plastic canvas, this play floor creates the base while the tote is perfect for storing all your furniture and accessories.

Easter Decor - Electronic Download

Annie's Catalog 15% Off Sale Customer Appreciation Event

Easter baskets in plastic canvas patterns. Make a few Easter baskets using plastic canvas patterns.

These are beautiful. I've done plastic canvas but it is so different from xstitching to me. I can't see the x in plastic like I can in material. If anyone sees this that might be able to help me do this or see it better please contact me at THANKS.. I want to do this so bad.. thank you

Plastic Canvas - Patterns - Out-of-Print Patterns - Make the 13 handy plastic canvas designs found in this pattern book, each styled in a classic quilt motif!