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An earthy soap inspired by a day in the woods. Contains organic ground sage leaf accompanied by cedar wood, sage and lavender essential oils. Co-ordinates with Anointment Beard Oil

Package design concept for cookie company by pulp+wire

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fill, fold, drink


clever Compleat disposable coffee cups with extendable paper (no plastic required) lids.

Designed bySaint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc.| Country: Canada Evil Spirits is a new premium spirits line that ispainstakingly crafted to be sinfully enjoyed.St. Bernadine was tasked with package design and...

Evil Spirits Vodka by Chris Zawada

Beautiful, Ouija-inspired packaging for Evil Spirits Vodka, designed by Saint Bernadine Mission Communications in Canada.

You can be subtle or you can talk directly to your clients. Good humor always works.

Milla Confession- Childhood mischiefs are usually cute, and almost always forgivable. This interesting concept of connecting childhood confessions and Milk is clever, cute and lets face it, you know you want to read more.

I really like the idea of stamping the front of the boxes with our logo then having the type of soap be on a wrap around label. This looks really professional and cute!

Batch Chocolate Packaging Jane Says Via Behance The Team Loves Chocolate 2013 Toppin Pd

This is a new biodegradeable, recyclable packaging material by Billerud, a Swedish company. The material is very flexible, can easily be shaped into soft, natural shapes and can stand up to being embossed.

Billerud's FibreForm

FibreForm is a new biodegradable and recyclable paper from Swedish Billerud. Besides being environmentally friendly, FibreForm is flexible, making it useful for creating new and innovative packaging.