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Game of Thrones Direwolves... The Robb/grey wind one is kind of... Ya... You know...

The starks and the Direwolves. I love all of the wolves and the starks not one of them I hate. But my favorite Wolves are Ghost and ShaggyDog

Game of Thrones Season 1 Promotional Posters | Everyone but us is the enemy

Game of Thrones TV Posters


My name is arya stark you killed my father prepare to die

I think we can all agree

Some like these villains.most love these villains.but in all of history we all hate this motherf*. Joffrey from game of thrones

Star Wars vs Game of Thrones - HA!!!

Game-Of-Thrones-vs-Star-Wars-Thats-Cute-meme game-of-thrones george-r-r-martin got grrm Guerra-nas-Estrelas - Star-Wars star-wars-vs-game-of-thrones-meme thats-cute-meme