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Relationships are a key part of survival and balance in any ecosystem. Though unusual, this hippo and tortoise would seem to have chosen a relationship of mutual support and companionship.

Clearly the hippo has immersed itself in turtle culture. A hippo raised by turtles is acceptable. Baby hippo and 130 year old tortoise become best friends…



Check This Out thanks to Ruth Weber. Something exciting on the other side of the fence

There is something not the same as the others in this picture!

StegoTortoise--the cat's face kills me. He just doesn't  know what to think.

Cat bothering the turtle? Knit it a dinosaur sweater that will make it look.

Buffalo trying to lick a little bird.

Funny pictures about Birdie and the Beast. Oh, and cool pics about Birdie and the Beast. Also, Birdie and the Beast photos.


Tales from the Yarn Shop

A Mom Sheep ~ Receiving a lot of love and affection from her twin lambs.

Одногорбый верблюд

Одногорбый верблюд